Why should you chose Fleck 5600sxt as your water softener



The Fleck 5600 sxt is a high performance control valve having multiple options for filter and softener applications. The Flex 5600sxt features amazing specifications and features to facilitate your experience with a very user friendly interface making it the best selling system for a medium to large house hold with one of the easiest setups out there in the market. 5600 sxt boasts a large LCD display screen with backup capacitors having the capacity of upto 48 hrs of internal power so it is operational even without a power source. Not only that the LCD display has multiple mode of operation and can alternate between volume remaining time of day or days to regeneration, along with tank in service for twin tank systems.


5600 sxt comes with a compact turbine meter to provide you with accurate flow rate on a moments notice. The 5600 sxt has both Up-flow and Down-flow regeneration cycles since it is a salt based system but the process is what they call setup and get-up, meaning it is easy to setup and you can forget it once you have done it. Find out more about 5600 sxt onĀ watersoftenergurus.com/fleck-5600sxt-review/. This system has been termed as the best water softener out there in a very affordable price by several users because not only it’s efficiency in converting hard water into soft water almost near to 100% but it also boasts several other pros which no other water softener has. Namely 5600 sxt is completely meter generated so almost no technical skills are required to run it along with that it comes with a great warranty and has a relatively large capacity with great efficiency too. It is the best water softener out there if you want a cost efficient and headache free machine. In terms of capacity the Fleck 5600 sxt has a forty eight thousand grain salt based capacity system which is maintenance free as well. All you have to do is set the figures on the display computer and the 5600sxt will replace the salt pellets automatically. Since everything is automated it will save you money as through meter regeneration the amount of water used is automatically adjusted according to your usage.


So no water would be wasted and the running cost is also greatly reduced. It also means that you can sit back and relax and let the machine do the calculations making your life hassle free. The 5 year warranty on the system and 10 year warranty on the tank means that you don’t have to worry about any system regarded problems. To finish it off you will probably never find a system which is as easy to install as the 5600sxt, all you really require is some basic plumbing skills and a manual which is included in the package. So in a nutshell if you are getting hard water at your place and you need a hassle free cost efficient system at a great value for money which is not only easy to install but also easy to operate with a digital touch panel and multiple modes of operations; the Flex 5600sxt is the water softener for you.