When should you use fog lights?

Fog lights become an essential part of your car when driving in winters. When driving through heavy mist you need fog light to increase visibility you can do so by getting fog lights from https://www.diodedynamics.com/fog-light-leds-for-1999-2017-ford-f-150-pair.html. Fog lights are designed to use in severe weather where visibility is very low, like fog, heavy rain, mist even sand and dust. Regular lights focus as a very high-intensity beam and so can reflect back into driver’s eye. Using fog light can prevent a lot of accidents happening due to low visibility.

When to use fog lights?

Since fog lights are specially designed to focus a short beam at a wider angle so that visibility could be increased, there’s no use of these lights in normal conditions. This means you have to use these lights only when you face a poor visibility situation while driving. Fog lights could be used whenever anything causes the visibility to fall below 100m or go with your instincts and use them whenever you feel that the visibility is poor and you regular high beam light is reflecting back at you, causing a glare. Even if you feel that your low beam light hasn’t improved the visibility and there’s still excessive glare you need to get a new good set of fog lamps. Fog lights only illuminate the ground just in front of your vehicle and so it is very risky to drive at very high speed while using them.

Rules regarding fog lights

If you don’t switch on your fog lights when the visibility is low you put to risk your own as well as other road users safety. In some areas it illegal to drive with your fog lights on, even if your main light is producing glare. The main purpose of the fog lights is to proceed slowly until you reach your destination or any other location where you feel safe. They are to be used only when necessary. If you get involved in an accident during fog or mist and the police find that you were driving with your fog lights off then they will declare your insurance invalid and could also charge a fine.

Rear fog lights

While the fog lights in front of your car are designed to slowly make your way in poor visibility condition the rear fog lights are used to prevent anyone from hitting your car from behind. They are very similar to the lights that emerge from the rear lights when you apply the break, as they are also very high-intensity light.

Is using fog lights ever against the law?

If you are driving under a normal condition with your fog lights on then you are endangering other drivers and potentially breaking the law. Using fog lights at the wrong time can cause an accident and are hence to be used with proper safety. Fog lights are not be used in normal rain and it is treated as equal as to breaking a traffic law.

The fact is, fog lights are very crucial but they are to be used in very specific narrow circumstances. They are to be used only when necessary. You should use fog lights only until you find a proper shelter to let the bad weather pass. We should remember that the fog lights are for our safety and ‘Safety comes first.’